I’ve been researching my own family history (formally) for about 20 years now, but recently, I decided to focus my endeavors on helping and supporting others in their family research. I am committed to helping you answer questions about your family with an approach that is collaborative, compassionate, and comprehensive.

Genealogy research is a path to learning more about your people. I want to help you discover the stories they left untold.

The services I offer include, but are not limited to, the following:

Ancestral Investigation

I can help you discover who your ancestor was, special places associated with his/her life, the kind of life they lived, and the events that influenced him or her. Learn more.

Descendancy Research

I can help you find your living relatives. We will start with a particular ancestor of interest and work our way down to his or her present-day descendants. This may involve a review of DNA data reports. Learn more.

Document Review

This service involves reviewing relevant documents that you have found to be of interest but need help understanding or validating. You might want a second opinion or some clarification of information and conclusions in a previous report. Learn more.

Virtual Counseling Services (Coming Soon!)

Digesting the information you learn from genealogy research and DNA testing can be an emotionally overwhelming experience. As a licensed psychologist, I can use brief therapy (up to 12 sessions) to help you start working through the process of understanding what your research means to you and how it has affected your life. Learn more.

Remember the days of old, reflect on the years of previous generations. Ask your father, and he’ll tell you; your elders will inform you.

Deuteronomy 32:7 (International Standard Version)

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